Pod Cars

What are Pod Cars?

These futuristic transport vehicles will offer an environmentally friendly, clean energy alternative for urban transportation. Pod Cars are automated driverless vehicles that will operate on elevated/underground shuttle networks or traditional roadways in the near future using personal rapid transit systems.

Personal rapid transit (PRT)  is a new public transportation system designed for swift travel in congested areas. These Pod Car networks will operate much like traditional rail and streetcar networks, on raised platforms above busy roads and highways (or underground). Pod Cars will be convenient, affordable to operate and beneficial to the environment as they are powered by electricity.

There are many companies around the world currently developing various pod cars and personal rapid transit systems. Large scale projects include the ULTra PRT system at Heathrow International airport in London and The Masdar City pod car system in Abu Dhabi - both now in operation, and West Virginia University has been operating a PRT service since the 1970's.