Pod Cars

Pod Car Videos
Videos featuring pod cars and prt systems.

Heathrow Airport Pod Cars
This video shows the interior of the Ultra pod car and the view recorded by a passenger traveling on the Ultra PRT system in operation at Heathrow Airport in London.

Masdar City Pod Cars
A video showing a passenger using the Masdar City pod car system in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
This system is made by 2GetThere in the Netherlands.

Ultra PRT System at Heathrow Airport
This is a recent (2012) promotional video featuring experts and passengers discussing the Ultra PRT system now in use at Heathrow Airport.

Skytran PRT System and Prototype Pod Car
A great video about the Sky Tran PRT system featuring a prototype of the pod car on suspended guideway, and some more information about this NASA project.

Skytran PRT Animation
A short animated presentation of the Sky Tran system by UniModal. This suspended personal rapid transit system is being developed in a joint partnership with NASA.

Older Videos of PRT Systems
Heathrow International Airport PRT system
Morgantown PRT
Skyweb Express PRT system
ULTra PRT transit system
Vectus PRT